Civil War Photos Two

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Alexandria VA Magazine in Battery Rodgers

Arlington VA Soldiers 24-pdr siege gun on wooden barbette carriage at Fort Corcoran

District of Columbia Fort Lincoln

Fort Fisher NC heavy gun broken by bombardment

Fort Fisher NC Interior of the Pulpit

Richmond VA Castle Thunder Cary Street

Richmond VA Chimneys standing in the burned district

Richmond VA Crippled locomotive Richmond Petersburg Railroad depot

Richmond VA Damaged locomotives

Richmond VA Ruins of Mayos Bridge

Richmond VA Ruins of paper mill with water wheel

Richmond VA The-Old-Stone House Washingtons headquarters 1916 East Main Street

Richmond, VA 1865

Washington DC 15" gun and mounting

Washington, DC Band of 9th Veteran Reserve Corps

Washington, DC Presidential reviewing stand 1865

Washington DC Seven officers big gun

Washington, DC Spectators at Capitol

Washington, DC Maimed soldiers and others office US Christian Commission

Washington, DC Field relief wagons and workers of US Sanitary Commission

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